MTC Performance - Spiff Central

Spiff Central manages sales incentive programs online. This comprehensive bundle of databases, web interfaces and communication tools gives you the power to drive your channel incentive program from thedesktop. Participant communication, registration, claims, fulfillment and measurement are all managed from an easy to use dashboard.

Roles: Usability testing, heuristic evaluation, wireframe design, user experience lead consultant.

Login page

MTC_login (160K)

Simplifying a Complicated Form - Wireframes

In order to simplify a complicated multi-page form process, it helps to keep the user within the same page. In this proposed mockup, we made sure that there are visual cues in every step of the form to alleviate any added stress of filling in the information.

Proposed Design

MTC_PromoStepsExpanded (348K)

Old Convoluted Design

MTC_PromoStepsOld (53K)